Colonial Costumes

Halloween, Independence Day, and any time during the school year, our Colonial costumes come in handy to help put some historical perspective on the founding of our country. Our kids Colonial costumes, including Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington and typical early American costumes, are perfect for the child who has to do a special Social Studies project or is involved in a school or community play. We even have adult Colonial costumes for the serious history buffs who enjoy period reenactments or participate in groups like SCA. While all people are created equal, we would not say that all Colonial costumes are, and our child and adult Colonial costumes are designed to provide you with reliable durability through wear after wear, not just one night of trick or treat fun. These costumes are based on authentic colonial costumes of the period, which emphasized austerity. Add one of our Colonial costumes to your drama club wardrobe collection and never be trying to piece it together the night before a performance again!
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